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General Purpose Braided Sleeving

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General purpose sleeving is ideal for cable and wire management projects where easy application and durability are the main determinants of a successful solution. These options offer the most versatility due to the available expandable and side entry braided sleeving while maintaining the integrity necessary for durability and resistance to unwanted materials. 

Expandable sleeving expands to simplify the application process making the feeding of cables or wires through the sleeving as efficient as possible and then contracts to form to the bundle allowing for a clean and cohesive bundle regardless of any inconsistencies in the width of wires or cables. For conditions that demand ease of use but require increased resistance to abrasion, tight weave options are available as well. 

Side entry sleeving are also available for conditions requiring superior ease of application and reapplication involving the adding or removing of wires, cables and hoses while maintaining durable protection.