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Flame Resistant Clothing

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Flame resistant clothing is essential in a number of industries. Some are obvious, like anything related to fire services, while others may be less so. As a general rule, if fire is a serious risk in a given workplace, employees at risk should be wearing fire resistant clothing.

Today we're going to discuss why acknowledging this risk and requiring employees to "dress for the occasion" is so important. It can prevent crippling injuries, save lives, protect you from lawsuits, and more!

Fire is Deadly Serious

An American civilian is injured in a fire-related injury about every 30 minutes. However, even that high number doesn't paint the whole picture.

If you work somewhere where flammable material and sparks are common, your odds of injury skyrocket. On top of that, many workplace scenarios may put you at risk of being exposed to a great deal of flame, meaning you need to be even more careful.

What is flame resistant clothing but a guard against worst-case scenarios? What makes FR clothing flame resistant varies by the level of protection required and the brand you're choosing, but companies have several options for protective clothes. You can be assured that so long as you're buying well-rated clothing from a good dealer, it can be a serious help if a fire ever occurs nearby.

Protective Clothing Also Helps Protect Against Lawsuits

Oil rig, construction, and plant workers are all common clients of injury lawyers. Why? It's because their work tends to be dangerous and, unfortunately, companies too often breach safety protocol.

There is zero reason not to keep your workers as safe as reasonably possible, both from an ethical and legal perspective. Companies like ours offer affordable flame resistant clothing at affordable prices and for a variety of different levels of necessary coverage. Portwest, one of the leading flame resistant clothing brands, can be trusted to match their advertised standards and resist both catching and/or melting to heat.

This goes both ways too; if you're injured in a fire, you need to have been following basic safety precautions if you want the best chance of having a legal case. That's even putting aside the fact you don't want to get injured in a fire in the first place!

Flame Resistant Clothing Won't Impede Work

Flame resistant clothing brands don't last long if they're bad for business. While some clothing is heavier (and more resistant) than others, flame resistant clothing is still designed to allow a worker to safely do their job. (After all, flame resistant clothing manufacturers would be in big trouble if that wasn't the case.)

This bears mentioning because it means these clothes don't really carry any negatives. Flame resistant coveralls, for instance, make a good mid-range safety option for just about any job with a mild to moderate fire risk. They'll help keep a worker safe from burns over most of their body, while still giving them a more or less full range of mobility to do whatever they need to do!

If you're wondering the difference between flame resistant and flame retardant clothing, it mostly comes down to the material. Flame resistant materials are chosen due to being inherently fire resistant, while flame retardant materials are textiles that get a special chemical treatment so they self-extinguish if they catch fire.

The More Dangerous the Job, the More Important Staying Safe

At CTAM, we've done our best to serve our clients in a way that provides them with quality gear so they can do their job, whatever it may be, right. Above maybe all else, safety is a necessity in every job and we can help there too!

Flame resistant clothing is just one of many of our offerings meant to help keep employees safe from harm. If you'd like to see our other options, we hope you'll peruse our store!

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about us or our offerings, feel free to contact us!