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Parking Lot Safety Equipment

Maintain Parking Lot Safety & Professional Appearance

Additional Information

Parking Lot Safety

Unsurprisingly, inefficient safety design, poor parking lot safety equipment, and other factors contribute to almost 1,400 altercations occurring every day in parking lots across the US. Usually, these altercations stem from individuals fighting for parking or causing an accident. If you want to keep your parking lot a kind and efficient space then please browse our selection of parking traffic control equipment.

Parking lot and parking garage safety equipment include channelizing devices such as longitudinal channelizers, temporarily raised islands and vertical panels. 

Variety of Parking Lot Channelizing Products

All of our channelizing devices and parking lot safety equipment complies with NCHRP 350 standard requirements. Our variety of parking safety equipment includes rubber striped longitudinal parking stops in black and yellow stripes for added visibility, height safety clearance bars, and plastic parking stops in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

Instructions for Use

  • The area covered by two channelizing devices should be a minimum of 36 inches. The width of parking stops should be 8–10 inches. The length should not be less than 24 inches.
  • Each parking stop should be placed perpendicular to the direction of the vehicle.
  • The color of parking stop markings should be maintained. The stop should be restored if the color fades. Damaged or broken parking stops should be replaced immediately. 
  • All other pavement markings, devices or signs should be placed in the direction of the parking stops. 

Why You Need Parking Lot Supply and Safety Equipment

Portable parking safety products offer smart parking solutions for avoiding accidents reduced parking lot crimes and secure vehicle parking. Parking lot traffic equipment is replaceable, which means that the equipment can be easily removed for repair or construction work and replaced with new equipment when needed.

A lesser-known benefit of portable parking lot products is environmental safety. As the installation and replacement process does not include any construction process, there are no carbon emissions or other environmental damage incurred as a result of these products.

Vehicle Safety – Parking lot safety equipment reduces the chances of accidents.

Easy Replacement – Our portable parking lot products can be easily replaced without requiring tools or construction materials.

Minimum Maintenance – Our parking lot traffic equipment has been manufactured using advanced technology which allows them to withstand bumps, shocks and weather changes. 

Changeable Floor Design – You can change the design of your parking lot whenever you need, simply by changing the position of the parking lot safety equipment.

Applications and Areas of Placement

  • Parking lots of commercial buildings
  • Basement parking of shopping malls
  • Government offices
  • Roadside parking
  • School parking

Is Your Parking Lot Carefully Designed?

Parking lots should be updated and maintained on a regular basis, even if they have been carefully designed. 

Guide to Purchasing Parking lot Equipment

Before purchasing your parking lot equipment, make sure to create a blueprint of the area. Parking lot designs should be based on the concept of making the best use out of the given parking space. This means that you should use appropriate equipment in order to avoid accidents and facilitate vehicle parking.

Parking lots with up to 15 parking spaces do not require landscaping, whereas those with 16–160 parking spaces require at least 5% landscaping. Parking lot maps should include the placement of parking lot traffic equipment, such as location and height of overhead lines. 

Calculate the number parking safety products required in the parking lots. Place the order by getting in touch with one of our representatives.