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Flame Retardant Wire Loom Tubing

1/4" - 2" Inside Diameters - Polypropylene or Polyethylene

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Flame Retardant Wiring Loom Tubing

When wires, cables and hoses in harnesses, engine bays and many other applications are going to be exposed to high or extreme temperatures, you must ensure that they are properly protected to avoid costly and time-consuming breakdowns. Flame retardant wire loom is an excellent solution for all of your cable management applications requiring extreme heat resistance as well as excellent protection from impact and abrasion. now offers two types of self-extinguishing Flame Retardant Wire Loom to meet any and all of your specification requirements. 

We have both polyethylene and polypropylene Fire proof Wire Loom – no matter what your specs require, has the products you need to get your job done! While both polypropylene and polyethylene Flame Retardant Wire Looms are both extremely flame retardant and self-extinguishing, polypropylene has a higher operating temperature of up to -40ºF to +275ºF whereas polyethylene has a -40ºF - 200ºF operating temperature.