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2:1 Ratio Heat Shrink Tubing

Single & Dual Wall - Numerous Material Types Available 3/64"-3"

Additional Information

2:1 Heat Shrink tubing is by far the most commonly used shrink ratio of all heat shrink sleeves. Just as the title implies 2:1 electrical shrink wrap shrinks or recovers to half its size. Two to one heat shrink is available in 12 different colors and numerous different materials. Standard Polyolefin heat shrink boasts modest temperature and chemical resistance properties and is generally used for common wire insulation, termination, strain relief, and cable management applications. Dual wall adhesive lined heat shrink is designed for applications that require moisture and waterproof sealing. If you are concerned or require a heat shrink tubing that has flame retardant properties, Neoprene 2:1 heat shrink is the best choice for you. Don't forget about 2;1 Kynar heat shrink which can continuously operate at 357 degrees Fahrenheit the highest temp rating out of all our electrical shrink wrap.