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Double loop Zip Tie Handcuffs

Disposable Law Enforcement 25 Pcs Per Pack

"Max Cuff" Zip Tie Hand Cuffs Features

  • Made of 400 Lbs Tensile Strength Nylon
  • Ideal for Law Enforcement & Military Apprehension Applications
  • Reduces Contact With Bleeding Suspects,
  • Meets OSHA Standards Regarding Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Able To Preset, For Instant Apprehension & Control Over Suspect
  • Built In ID Tab For Identification Purposes 
  • Can Be Tightened In Matter Of Seconds
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*Designed For Law Enforcement Applications*

Product Details

These zip tie hand cuffs are designed to be used for restraining hands, legs, arms, and leg to hands as a hobble. It is manufactured with high tensile strength nylon and the dual loop design is for quick and easy applications. The rounded edges and smooth inside surface helps eliminate the possibility of abrasion or skin damage.

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Max-Cuff Disposable Double Restraints

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