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Cable Path Tunnel Tape

Built In Channel For Easier Routing of Cables Under Tape

Cable Path Tunnel Tape Features

  • 30 Yard Rolls (90 Feet)
  • Color: Black / Yellow Safety Stripe
  • Made of 12 mil Vinyl-Coated Cloth with a Matte Finish
  • Ideal For Routing Cables
  • Easy Application
  • Prevents Light Reflection
  • No scissors or utility knives required
  • Easily Manipulated To Fit Irregular Shapes and Surfaces

Cable Path Tunnel Tape provides a quick and economic method of organizing all of your cables. that are made of 12 mil vinyl-coated cloth with a matte finish to prevent light reflection off the tape. Cable Cover Tape extremely strong adhesive outer edges so it will stick to any surface you require. Unlike the outer edges, the center is left clean which allows you to easily route your cables through the tape and also allows you to reposition your cables with ease. At the time of removal, the adhesive layer comes off easily and without leaving a sticky residue. Cable Path Tunnel Tape can also be torn by hand, making it very easy to use – no scissors or utility knives necessary. Cable Cover Tape is so easy to use and remove, it is commonly used in the film industry, on film sets, warehouses, for temporary events or set-ups, trade shows, or any event requiring a temporary path for your cables.


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Available in 4" or 6" widths, 30 yard rolls

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Q: What is the length 

A: 30 yards = 90 feet