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Light Duty Cord Covers

Ideal For In Home & Office Applications - Carpet, Low Profile & More

Additional Information

Light Duty cable covers offer a unique combination of style and functionality to eliminate tripping hazards while blending in seamlessly to the décor of the room. Cable Ties and More has light duty cord protectors optimized for all floor materials and options with adhesive backing in order to prevent movement or to hide cords running up the wall. With specialized options like Safcord, uniquely designed for use on looped carpet without leaving residue, or Connectrac, allowing for cord pathways without drilling or trenching, Cable Ties and More has the perfect cable covering for you. 

Our extensive Light Duty Cable and Wire covers are sytlishly but functionally designed to suit any light duty protection of cords and cables in the home, office, school or gym. Choose from many types and colors, including plastic and metal cord covers. Uniquely, our Safcord protector is designed to cover wires and cables running over looped carpet. Our Studiosaver and Chordsaver covers are available in colors that can be closely matched to your flooring color. Our Sidewinder options provide high visibility for areas where tripping on wires is a concern. Choose Connectrac Voice and Data floor raceways when your application requires a built-in power source. The Cable Hider Cord covers can be used either on the floor or the wall.