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Head Protection Equipment

Variety of Hard Hats, Accessories Face Shields & More!

Additional Information

PPE Head & Face Protection allows employees to work safely at the job site by reducing the risk of exposure to various hazards. It is important to identify what hazards might endanger the worker to choose the right protection. 

Essential Head & Face Protection Equipment;

  • Hard Hats & Construction Helmets for ultimate head protection.
  • Protective Eyewear & Safety Glasses keep eyes safe from UV Lights and flying debris and dust.
  • Face Masks, Visors, Reusable & Disposable Face Coverings protect workers from respiratory infections/splashes and sprays. 
  • LED Head Lights are specifically created for better visibility at small spaces where the flashlight is not an option – quick attachment to body or head.
  • Anti-Static Head protection like Balaclava & Neck Tubes can protect workers from strong winds keeping them safe in the fire-exposed environment.
  • Neck Sun Shields & Neck Shades protect skin from long sun exposures and unwanted sun burns