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Ground Protection Mats

Avoid Destruction Of Property During Events & Construction

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Skip the Plywood and Use Ground Protection Mats. Ground protection matting offer safe and reliable temporary access pathways, roadways, and working platforms in a wide range of environments. Whether you are looking for temporary access for heavy-duty vehicles in industrial worksites or need to protect yards from being damaged by equipment, ground mating solutions are suitable for use in construction, landscaping, oil and gas, utilities, and civil engineering. Not only does ground protection mating keep vehicles and personnel safe in rugged environments, but mating also helps to prevent heavy equipment from damaging agricultural land, heritage sites, and delicate ecosystems. Protective mating works by dispersing the weight of vehicles and heavy equipment across the surface of the mat, which provides a stable platform for traffic and minimizes the impact on the environment. ground mats feature a high-density polyethylene construction that is chemical and oil resistant and performs in extreme weather conditions. The flexibility of the material used to make ground mating allows it to conform to uneven terrain, resulting in a safe and secure surface. The surface of these ground mats also features tread patterns that offer maximum traction designed to reduce slips and falls. Mats are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and traction surfaces. These lightweight mats are easy to set up and transport and are ideal for providing safe pathways between work areas over uneven or sensitive terrain.