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Lowest Price Guarantee

Found a better price? Cable Ties And More guarantees you the lowest price, including the calculated shipping, on your purchases, when provided with proof of an existing lower price before placing your order. We promise to not only match, but provide an additional 5% discount on the cost.

We calculate delivered price by adding the product price to the cost of shipping, so each must be consulted with identical methods to compare deals. If a competing shipping price is more expensive, our deal may remain least costly even without lowered prices.

Low Price Guarantee Guidelines

To beat competing offers, the offers must fall under the following criteria. When making price match inquiries, please remember these points for a simple and smooth transaction.

  • Items cannot be opened, but must be completely new and unused.
  • Only items that are immediately ready for sale can be considered, therefore no demo products, items with discontinued SKU's, or closeout items are valid for this offer.
  • Items must be exactly the same for a lowest price guarantee, therefore the part number and manufacturer's model must be exact.
  • Prices must be current for a lowest price guarantee.
  • Prices must be openly and publicly advertised by authorized US retailers and be verifiable in order for us to beat them. This can include newspaper ads, catalogs and websites.
  • Prices physically appearing within a stores location alone, such as price tags or signs, will not be considered for a lowest price guarantee.
  • Price offers in the form of a verbal agreement from a competitor, regardless if made over the phone or in person, cannot be considered for a lowest price guarantee.
  • No classified or auction advertisements will be considered for a lowest price guarantee.
  • Quote RFQ's will be considered on a separate basis.

Low Price Guarantee Exclusions

Unfortunately there will be occasional situations where we are not be able to lower our offered price to beat competitors, because we must consider our cost along with yours. Regrettably, we cannot sell and ship an item for less than the price we paid for it.

How Do I Get My Low Price Guarantee?

Our process to beating other prices is simple and straightforward. On our website we have a Contact Us page. If you have a competing price which is advertised lower than our own, just go to that page and fill out the form. After receiving the alert from you we verify the competing lower price, and will send you an email confirming if the item is applicable, and how to redeem our new, lowered offer.

Please call us with any and all comments or questions regarding our Low Price Guarantee, including feedback, at 1-877-284-7760, or emailing your concerns on our Contact Us page. Addressing your inquiries is important to us, and hearing your concerns will assist us to serve you better!