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Floor Access Grommets

Discreet Grommets to fully access power beneath floors

In Use
In Use


• Designed specifically for grommets to enable floor access for runs from below.
• Available in two distinguished hues of black and grey,the grommet is smooth and will incorporate easily with any flooring
• Installation will be quick with the small hole-cut sizes
• Grommet remains low profile, regardless of its placement.
• Rotating lid prevents heels or items from snagging or falling through the hole itself.

Compact and sleek, our Floor Access Grommet will guide wires & cords safely and smoothly through flooring, allowing you to practically utilize a power cable or access point beneath, while fully retaining the aesthetic appeal of the room. Available in distinguished hues of gray and black, the grommet comes in three sizes, intent on giving you the options you need, while staying unobtrusive. A rotating lid will disguise your grommet when it is not in use, and hug your cables when it is.

The three model variations are FG3, FG3A and FG3B. FG3 fits into a 3" hole and is designed and made just for floor access. FG3A fits into a 5" hole and is designed and made just for floor access. FG3B fits into a 8 3/16" hole and is designed and made just for floor access. The double-thick grommet cover sits on a step inside the liner for extra strength. Made of durable ABS plastic, the grommets will be able to withstand the constant tread of foot traffic, while never placing anyone in danger of tripping over the ring itself, as the sides radius or slope downwards, bringing them nearly flush with your flooring.

technical drawing
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  • Durable ABS plastic will withstand constant wear
  • FG3 hole-cut size is 3"
  • FG3A hole-cut size is 5"
  • FG3B hole-cut size is 8 3/26"
  • Not only does it guard wires from rough sides of cut-holes, but its appearance adds a professional touch.
  • ABS plastic won't be cracked when stepped on, so with the lid closed, shoes of any kind can cross without hesitation.
  • The hole-cut size is smaller that the actual diameter, giving you the smallest hole to cut as necessary

At Cable Ties and More, our grommet selection will keep your wiring needs fully met, and now with the Floor Access Grommet, you will be able to fully access runs and power access points from beneath. Created specifically for use on the floor, this grommet is attractive and unobtrusive, allowing it to blend in and accent the d�cor of nearly any area. The black or grey color options will complement a floor of any color or pattern, and coming in three different sizes, you can select what is best for your use. The smallest Flooring Access Grommet is the FG3, with a hole-cut size of only 3", providing the quickest installation and set-up. Its overall diameter is still only 3 9/16", and is 1 7/16" deep. The next size up is the FG3A, and has a 5" hole-cut, with a diameter of 5 �" and a depth of 1 3/8". The largest grommet, for those planning to make as much use as possible of this excellent answer to routing problems and cram it full of cables, is the FG3B, and has a hole-cut size of 8 3/16", with a diameter of 9 1/6" and depth of 1 �". The grommets are made of ABS plastic, making them very strong and more than up to the task of taking the daily wear and grind from peoples feet. That rotating lid on top will cradle your cables tightly or loosely, and ensure that nothing ends up in the grommet hole that should not be there. Don't spend time wondering how best to utilize the power access points beneath your flooring for one second longer, as the Floor Access Grommet will be the easiest, quickest, and most reliable way to get the job done.

Technical Drawings Of Floor Access Grommet


technical drawing


technical drawing of fg3a


technical drawign of fg3b

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