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PEEK Cable Ties

Extreme Resistance To Temperature, Chemicals, Radiation & Solvents

PEEK Zip Ties Features

  •  Ideal for harsh environments where a cable tie material is required to hold up to chemical or radiation exposure
  •  Non-conductive material that is excellent for high temperature applications up to 500°F (260°C)
  •  High strength properties over a wide range of temperatures
  •  Flammability rating of UL 94V-0 with low smoke and toxicity; halogen-free
  •  PEEK material meets MIL specification MIL-P-46183, and is approved for use by the Department of Defense
  •  One-piece construction for consistent performance and reliability
  •  Lowest threading force of any one-piece cable tie in the industry
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Product Details

Our high temperature-rated cable ties are made from polyetheretherketonne (PEEK) which is a thermoplastic engineered to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees fahrenheit. Peek ties can withstand exposure to heat, radiation and a wide array of solvents.


Product Specifications

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Part Number Length Width Thickness Max. Bundle Dia. Min.Loop Tensile Str. Std. Pkg. Qty.
In. mm In. mm In. mm In. mm Lbs. N
PLT1M-C71 4 102 0.098 2.5 0.048 1.2 0.87 22 35 156 100
PLT1.5M-C71 5.9 150 0.098 2.5 0.048 1.2 1.38 35 35 156 100
PLT2S-C71 7.4 188 0.190 4.8 0.055 1.4 1.88 48 150 668 100


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