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Linebacker® Cable Protector Ramps

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Construction - 2 to 5 Channels Options

Linebacker® Heavy Duty Cable Protector Features

  • Patented T-Connectors To Extend To Any Length
  • Reinforced Hinged Lid For Easy Cable Placement
  • All-Weather Polyurethane Construction
  • Easy To Transport & Install
  • Tread Bars For Added Traction 

Heavy Duty  Polyurethane Linebacker® protectors are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions and have been in use for many years in industrial applications. They are ideal for use in the military, mining, oil and gas industries, to name just a few, where cables need to be protected from heavy vehicular traffic. Protector surfaces are designed with a patented 5-bar tread surface for extra traction. Made in the USA.

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Product Details

Heavy duty Linebacker® cable protectors are a durable and cost-effective solution for protecting valuable cables/hoses and ensuring a trip/skid-free surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Our range of linebacker cable protectors with lids is designed to eradicate cable-related incidents, such as a short circuit. Such incidents usually occur when the cables are damaged or bare cables are exposed to inflammable liquids or solids.

The linebacker® cord cover is manufactured with slopes on either side, allowing vehicular traffic to easily pass.

Manufacturing Material – All linebacker cable covers are manufactured with polyurethane that is UV-stabilized

Working Temperature – Each linebacker cable cover is temperature treated, which increases its temperature resistance. The linebacker cable protectors can withstand temperatures ranging from-40° F to 120° F

Visible Color– Designed in standard yellow and dark colors, as indicated by MUTCD standards, heavy duty linebacker cable protectors guarantee increased visibility. Nonetheless, if the covers are installed directly after a curve on the road, it is important to put up a signboard before the curve to warn traffic of the upcoming bump.

Load Capacity – The load capacity of linebacker cable protectors is dependent upon the manufacturing style and number of channels. The 5-channel and 4-channel linebacker cable protector can withstand 20,150 lbs for every tire and 40,300 lbs for axle load. The 3-channel linebacker hose protector can withstand 14,210 lbs for each tire and 28,420 lbs for axle load, while the 2-channel linebacker cable cover can withstand up to 10,880 lbs for each tire and 21,760 lbs for each axle load.

Applications and Areas of Use

  • Indoor and outdoor industrial areas
  • Convention centers
  • Festivals
  • Construction sites
  • Amphitheaters
  • Race tracks
  • Exhibition halls
  • Roads and highways
  • Outdoor sports events
  • Fairs and amusement parks
  • Music studios, dance halls and performance centers

Benefits of Using Linebacker Cable Protectors

Our linebacker cable protectors with lids ensure the safety of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. At construction sites and industrial areas, incidents caused due to bare cables can prove to be fatal. According to the ADA code, it is an employer’s responsibility to eradicate potential hazards from job/industrial sites. Linebacker cable protectors can be used to cover bare cables and reduce chances of incidents such as fires, short circuit etc.

Tripping hazards are common not only in construction and industrial sites but also in areas such as sports complexes, roads or areas that receive heavy pedestrian traffic. The body of linebacker cable cover is black whereas the lid is black and yellow in color to provide increased visibility. Also, the surface of heavy duty linebacker cable protector has a diamond tread design that provides enhanced protection against slipping hazards and resists the accumulation of sticky or slippery solvents.

Are Linebacker Cable Protectors Safe?

Each heavy duty linebacker cable protector is manufactured in the US so that all our customers receive similar quality in construction, design, and functionality. The linebacker cable covers are manufactured in compliance with international safety standards and requirements set by OSHA, RoHS, REACH and NEC.

Installation of Heavy Duty Linebacker Cable Protector

  1. The first step is to prepare the surface. It is necessary that the surface is even and bump-free. Mark the placement position on the surface area.
  2. Attach the parts carefully, putting the female side on top of male side. Press down to reach the connector ends.
  3. Insert the cables one by one. Make sure that the most sensitive cables are placed close to the hinge side.
  4. Close the lid and secure it with grip tape.

Just as the namesake of the “linebacker” cable cover protects its "endzone" with toughness and resilience so too do Linebacker cable protectors guard your cables, wires and hoses with these qualities. With a polyurethane construction offering a load capacity of up to 40,000 lbs per axel as well as lightweight design and hinged lid accessibility, these Extremely heavy duty cord ramps are as versatile as they are durable. These qualities make Linebacker wire covers more than suitable for protecting your otherwise exposed cables from heavy trucks and vehicles or any other environmental hazards your situation may offer up. Line Backer cable protectors are available in 1-5 Channels with varying channel sizes. Linebacker cable protectors are ideal for Military, industrial, and event cable protection applications


Use Linebacker® cable protectors to protect valuable electrical cables, cords and hose lines from damage and abuse while ensuring a method of safe passage for vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Ideal for heavy trucks in industrial environments, such as construction sites, where extra heavy duty cable protection is required due to constant heavy truck and vehicle traffic.

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