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IGUS Iglide® 3d Printer Filament - J260-PF

Extremely long service life and excellent coefficients of friction

IGUS Iglide® 3d Printer Filament - C210-PF Features

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance of tribofilaments
  • Application temperature from -100 °C to +120 °C
  • High-quality processing
  • Nozzle temperature: 260 - 280 °C

Iguldur J260-PF is a tribofilament designed for making bearings and other parts for use in high wear environments. It has good resistance to liquid media and exceptional wear resistance, especially on plastic shafts.

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Product Details

iglide® filament for 3D printing
Our printed plain bearings made from the Tribo-Filament iglide® J260-PF are equally as wear resistant as our injection-molded parts from the same material. This has been demonstrated by extensive series of tests. The iglide® 3D print filaments also have lower coefficients of friction than conventional 3D print materials. This makes iglide® Tribo-Filaments the only 3D printing materials to also offer impressive performance in moving applications. You can directly install printed parts such as plain bearings or worm gears and put them to industrial use – in the prototype phase or during serial production.
Typical application areas

  • Prototype constructions
  • Small batches
  • Construction tests

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