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IGUS Iglide® 3d Printer Filament - I150-PF

Easiest to process tribo-filament | High abrasion resistance

IGUS Iglide® 3d Printer Filament - I150-PF Features

  • 250g Net Weight
  • High abrasion resistance at low speeds
  • Good mechanical properties
  • The easiest to process tribo-filament (even without a heated print bed)
  • Nozzle temperature: 240 - 250 °C

Iguldur I150-PF is the easy to print tribofilament from Igus, perfect for 3D printing custom bearings and wear-resistant parts. It can be printed without a heated bed, with a nozzle temperature of around 250°C, making it compatible with most desktop FDM printers.

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Product Details

Tribology is the study of friction and governs the design of bearings and wear resistant parts. Igus specialise in the production of polymer bearings which are self lubricating and provide a higher contact area than ball bearings reducing part wear. The igus material is available in filament form for 3D printing, offering up to 50x more abrasion resistance than standard 3D printing filaments. Iguldur I170-PF has higher wear resistance than I180-PF but a slightly smaller operating temperature range than J260-PF

Product Specifications

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Filament Diameter (Mm) – 1.75 mm

Printing Temperature – 250 °C

Weight – 750 g

Bed Temperature – 60 °C

Adhesion -BuilTak

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