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Cablesafe™ Cable Manager

Manages and stores cables, components & power strips

Cablesafe Cable Manager Kit
Cablesafe Cable Manager Kit
Sample Application
Sample Application


• Cables are managed, labeled, off the floor and simple to access
• Various mounting options for installation in any area
• Provided kit contains tools needed for installation
• Detailed instructions on our site for simple mounting and set-up
• Expansion kit available to store and house even more
• Color coded levels, helping you locate functions and items themselves

Desk and workspace clutter is difficult to avoid due to the amount of components we regularly use. From computer and speaker cables, charger cables, power cords, hubs and more, a tangled mess on the floor tends to be the reality for many. But, with our new Cablesafe Cable Manager kit, mess is effortlessly managed and housed, keeping items accessible but out of the way. Cords are labeled and routed, while excess length is stored and components & wires are kept off the floor.

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This Cable Manager will easily route and organize 12-14 standard cables, keeping even the excess tidy with cable hooks for easy looping. There is shelving to support up to three small components such as hubs, and along the core you can effectively store two power strips, getting even these off the ground. The Cablesafe has different colored levels, making it easy for you to identify parts not only during initial installation but every time you return to the manager for cord maintenance. A provided kit is going to stock you with all you need to set-up, from an alcohol swab to clean surfaces before applying cable straps, to the straps, bungee cords and screws themselves. While the classic area to install this unit may be under or behind your desk, you certainly are not limited to these options. Wall or on-surface mounting will happen easily, and should this fantastic item still not cover your management needs, expansion packs are available to turn your tangled, floor-bound wires and components into another cable management success story.

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CS1000 Cablesafe Cable Manager Cablesafe Cable Manager Qty :

CS1000-6 Cablesafe Cable Manager, 6-pack Cablesafe Cable Manager, 6-pack Qty :

CS1001-Pro Cablesafe Cable Manager Professional Kit Cablesafe Cable Manager Professional Kit Qty :

Uses & Features
  • Keep cables neat and easy to access
  • Remove clutter from floor and desktop, simplify cleaning
  • Reduce hazards from snags, trips and liquid spills
  • Identify cables from source to destination
  • Contains everything needed to organize 12-14 cables
  • Add our Expansion Kit to organize as many as 30 cables


Organizing Capacity
  • Organize: 12-14 cables or more
  • Secure: 3-4 small devices on adjustable shelf i.e. hubs or power adapters, etc.
  • Hang: 1-2 power strips


  • Clamp: Blue and Charcoal with an Orange locking lever
  • Hooks: Grey
  • Track: Dark Grey
Kit Contents
  • 1 DeskClamp
  • 1 CableTrack
  • 3 CableHooks
  • 18 CableStraps
  • 1 Cable Label Sheet
  • 4 Cable Guides
  • 3 Bungee Straps
  • 1 Alcohol Pad
  • 4 Screws
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
Mounting Options:
  1. Clamp it on desk, table, shelf or through cable grommet hole
  2. Mount with screws anywhere under desk
  3. Mount with screws to wall or side of desk
How It Works
Cablesafe System Parts and Elements
Clamps to the Desk Edge
Clamps to the Desk Edge
Clamps Through a Grommet Hole
Clamps Through a Grommet Hole
Mounting clamp screw
Screws to the Underside of your desk
Screws to a Wall or any Vertical Surface
Screws to a Wall or any Vertical Surface
Mount it Up-Side Down
Mount it Up-Side Down

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