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Bumble Bee®

Extremely Lightweight Multi-Channel Cable Protectors

Additional Information

Bumble Bee Cable Protectors

Bare cables are not only tripping hazards, but can prove to be lethal if damaged or exposed to extreme temperatures. Common solutions such as heat shrinking tubes, plastic molding and electric tapes can be used for temporary repairs. However, these are not permanent solutions for preventing cable-related accidents. Low profile bumble bee cable protectors can provide up to 25 years of safety against short circuit, damage, wear and tear and other cable-related hazards.

The use of cast-molded polyurethane provides increased durability and resistance against extreme temperatures and UV rays. The skid-resistant tread helps create smooth traction, whereas its low design ensures maximum pedestrian safety. Low profile bumble bee cord covers are designed in yellow and black colors for increased visibility.

Features of Bumble Bee Cable Protectors

  • Non-conductor– Manufactured with polyurethane and fiberglass rod interior, our low profile bumble bee cable covers do not have any tools or parts composed of metal. Therefore, the body of our cable protectors is 100% electricity-insulated. This ensures that even if the cables are damaged or broken, current cannot travel through the cable protectors. 
  • Increased Visibility – Designed in standard yellow and black colors in accordance with MUTCD standards, our range of low profile bumble cable protectors provide increased visibility from far distances. On a straight road, the bumps are visible from a distance of at least 250 feet. However, if the protectors are placed right after a curve, a safety sign board should be placed before the curve to indicate an upcoming bump. 
  • Increased Load Bearing Capacity – Our highly durable low profile bumble bee cable protectors can bear loads of up to 21,000 lbs. per Axle.
  • Reduced Hazards or Incidents – The low profile bumble bee cord covers have a diamond design for increased resistance against skidding, tripping and slipping. This provides additional safety to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Authentic US Made– Our low profile bumble bee cable covers are manufactured in the US– this ensures that each product is of high quality.
  • Compliance with International Safety Standards – From design to manufacturing, low profile bumble bee cable covers are in compliance with the international safety standards of OSHA, RoHS, REACH and NEC.

Cost-Effective and Simple Solution

The low profile bumble bee cord covers are a low-cost solution for effective traffic management. These products are highly durable and require minimum repair and maintenance. Special temperature treatment makes these low profile bumble bee cord covers highly resistant against extreme temperatures, making them suitable for areas with freezing temperatures, heat waves or even high humidity. Durathane, the manufacturing material, is also non-biodegradable. Hence, these cord covers can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40° F to 120° F.

Installation Instructions and Essential Tips to Remember

The recommended installation process for low profile bumble bee cord covers is as follows:

Step 01 – In the first step, you have to adjust the position of low profile bumble bee cord covers. For this, measure the surface area and mark the placement position. Before installation, make sure that the surface area is even and smooth to avoid accumulation of fluids under the cable protectors. Adjust the polyurethane base at the placement marking.

Step 02 – Connect all the pieces of low profile bumble bee cord covers while ensuring that female side is placed over the male side. After joining both sides, push them down until they reach the connecting points.

Step 03 – After completing the attachment process and preparing the lid, insert cables in the channels. Make sure to insert one cable at a time. Do not over-stock the channels with cables. Finally, close the lid and secure it with grip tape. 

Low profile bumble bee cable covers offer unparalleled security for pedestrian and light-weight vehicle traffic. For further guidance and information about selecting suitable low profile bumble bee cable protectors, contact our representatives today.