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Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station

Bluelounge Station charges up to 3 components

In Use
In Use


• Mini USB, 2 Dock Ports (iPod, iPhone, iPad), micro USB included connections work with majority of devices.
• Non Slip Rubber top maintains all devices with neat and clean impression.

With the Refresh, single or multiple people will have an immediate way to charge three or more devices simultaneously with a discreet station, compatible with most commonly used devices. Two iPod/iPhones can charge right along with a Bluetooth or Blackberry. Sleek, with a modern aesthetic, there are also two regular USB sockets in order to accommodate more specialized components.

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The six varied connectors will meet the needs of your most frequently used devices, proving to be a vital tool in countless settings. Now immediate charging can occur in a range of places, such as in bedrooms where an individual or partners can simultaneously use their personal components. Also, in kitchens or dining areas multiple people are able to continue their socializing or tasks together without the mounting clutter of cables on surfaces, as is also the case on work desks or in meeting rooms. A rubberized and angled surface ensures traction and alignment, so that while devices charge, they rest securely, with easily visible screens. Tangled nests of wires hinder a work space, and with the amount of devices commonly used daily, snares of cables when charging devices is unavoidable. Don’t let cord clutter remain a fact of life any longer, with this sleek, attractive and highly accommodating station. It is available in three solid colors of black, white or pink.

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How it Works

Simply select the connectors you wish to use or plug devices into the USB sockets and replace the rubberized top tray. Note that the cables have some memory so after using it for a week, they will remain in their desired position for quick and easy connection.

Inside components
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BLRF-BL Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station- Black Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station- Black Qty :

Out Of Stock
BLRF-WH Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station - White Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station - White Qty :

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BLRF-PNK Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station - Pink Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station - Pink Qty :



  • 9.45" Length
  • 1.8" Depth
  • 5.6" Width

Compatibility includes:

Apple / Blackberry / Creative / Dopod / Eten / Garmin / HP / HTC / i-mate / Insignia / Iqua / iRiver / Jabra / LG / Memorex / Motorola / Nokia / O2 / Palm / Philips / Plantronics / Qtek / Samsung /Sanyo / Sidekick / Sony / Toshiba

�Colors: Jet black, polar white or fresh pink

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