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Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Insulators

Double Wall Fiberglass Sleeves Protect Wires & Spark Plug Boots to 1,200°F

Insultherm Applications
Insultherm Applications
Double Wall Fiberglass Sleeve
Double Wall Fiberglass Sleeve


• Economical and long lasting
• Protects up to 1200°F
• Easy slip on installation
• Resists gasoline and engine chemicals
• Cut and abrasion resistant


Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Sleeves (FG) are completely non-conductive, resist all engine chemicals, will not support combustion, and provide an easy, economical solution to the challenge of wire protection in the cramped, high temperature environment of any high performance engine compartment.

These boots offer high temperature proection and extend the life of spark plug wires where they need it most, at the boot.

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3/4 Diameter (7.5" Length)
ISP075-4 Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Insulators - Pack of 4 Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Insulators - Pack of 4 Qty : Color :

ISP075-6 Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Insulators - Pack of 6 Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Insulators - Pack of 6 Qty : Color :

ISP075-8 Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Insulators - Pack of 8 Insultherm Spark Plug Boot Insulators - Pack of 8 Qty : Color :




Physical Properties   Hard Vacuum Data (ASTM E-595 at 10-5 torr)
Monofilament Thickness (ASTM D-204)     TML .02
Flammability Rating VW-1   CVCM .01
Recommended Cutting Scissor   WVR .00
Colors 4   Outgassing Low
Wall Thickness .085   Oxygen Index (ASTM D-2863)  
Abrasion Resistance High   Operating Temperatures  
Specific Gravity 1.0 - 1.8   Minimum Continuous -94°F/-70°C
Moisture Absorption % (ASTM D-570) .01   Maximum Continuous (MIL-I-23053) 1,202°F/650°C
      Melt (ASTM D-2117) 2.048°F/1,120°C
Chemical Resistance       1=No Effect   2=Little Effect   3=Affected   4=More Affected   5=Severely Affected
Aromatic Solvents 1   Alipahtic Solvents 1
Chlorinated Solvents 1   Weak Bases 1
Strong Bases 1   Salt Water (O-S-1926) 1
Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) 1   Lubricating Oil (MIL-A-8243) 1
De-Icing Fluid (MIL-A-8243) 1   Strong Acids 2
Strong Oxidants 2   Esters/Keytones 1
UV Light 2   Petroleum 1
Fungus (ASTM G-21) 1   Salts 1
Halogen Free Yes   RoHS Yes
SVHC None   UL/CSA Yes


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