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WC320 - 10 Piece Kit (WC307 series)

Complete with all required pieces for unobtrusive routing

WC320 - 10 Piece Kit
WC320 - 10 Piece Kit
WC320 Kit
WC320 Kit


• Easy peel adhesive backing for instant, tool-less installation
• Smooth white lengths are attractive yet discreet
• Accessories allow for routing along walls/baseboards and around corners

Each kit contains 10 pieces that will allow you to immediately install your raceways, providing unobtrusive routing around your unique space to conceal messy exposed runs of wire and cable. Any smooth surface will become the ideal area for the raceway, with a snap-on lid that lets you place wires within quickly and without frustration. Designed for your convenience, the adhesive backing ensures that installation of the lengths is quick and tool-free. Raceway dimensions are 0.43"H X 1.25"W.

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This kit is a practical cable management solution which includes all necessary accessories to provide you with an immediate way to install your raceway free of hassle or forgotten pieces. Each kit includes three of the 4 ft channel lengths, with their adhesive backing in-place and ready to be peeled away for a secure bond to any smooth surface. Also included are 2 flat elbow joints, ideal for routing along a door opening. As well you will have one inside and one outside elbows for corners, and two joint covers. Also included is one T-fitting, permitting a drop to connect with your length along a baseboard. The accessories are easily attached, and in minutes your unsightly, exposed runs will be concealed and routed attractively yet discreetly.

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WC320 10 Piece Kit
WC320 10 Piece Wall Cord Cover Kit (WC307 series) 10 Piece Wall Cord Cover Kit (WC307 series) Qty :

WC307 60 Wire Channel 60" Wire Channel Qty :

Corner, Way Tee, Connectors, End Caps
WC308 Flat Elbow (WC307 series) Flat Elbow (WC307 series) Qty :

WC309 Inside Elbow (WC307 series) Inside Elbow (WC307 series) Qty :

WC310 Outside Elbow (WC307 series) Outside Elbow (WC307 series) Qty :

WC311 T-Fitting (WC307 series) T-Fitting (WC307 series) Qty :

WC312 Joint Cover (WC307 series) Joint Cover (WC307 series) Qty :


Each Kit contains;

3 4ft Cord Channels(WC307) 0.43"h X 1.25"w.

• 2 Flat Elbows (WC308)

• 2 Joint Cover (WC312)

• 1 Inside Elbow (WC309)

• 1 Outside Elbow (WC310)

• 1 T-Fitting (WC311)

Easy to Install!

  • 1. Cut pieces to desired length.
  • 2. Peel tape and attach to wall.
  • 3. Insert Wires and snap wire channel close.
  • 4. Finish by attaching accessories where needed.
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