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Smooth Mould Hinged Cable Raceway With Adhesive Back

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Profile for designer moulding look
Profile for designer moulding look


• Discreet and attractive, subtly installing along a baseboard or flush against wall
• Seamless, white body adds distinction, complementing decor while giving reliable electrical insulation
• Self-adhesive backing makes it simple to install on a baseboard or wall. The item is paitable.
• UL 94 tested and ISO conforming, with inherent UV resistance for sunlit rooms
• No unsightly flange, plus a hinged lid designed to ensure maintenance & additions to cables is easy
• 5 ft body can be cut to custom lengths on drops to fit any unique indoor space

With entertainment and speaker systems, extension cords, phone or internet lines, our interior spaces at home or in the workplace are forever filling with drops and runs of wires. But the need to route wires through walls or to remove baseboards is gone forever with the slick, seamlessly fitting Smooth Mould Cable Covers, 5’ lengths of attractive base & profile that are long lasting yet will not discolor or crack with time and add aesthetic appeal to any room.

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Width = 1.22"
Height= 0.5"
Length=5 ft

With the Smooth Mould® Cable Cover, you will effortlessly route wires and cables from phone or internet lines, sound systems, lighting and much more around corners and down drops, without leaving runs visible.

Exposed drops of wire leave a room appearing not only messy, but with an unfinished look. However, not only concealing, the Smooth Mould is unique from other covers as it features connecting accessories which will slide behind the profile rather than snap over-top. Snapping connectors often leave gaps and elevated areas, fracturing attractive appearances of covers. But the Smooth Mould appears seamless, sleekly concealing and protecting the cables within.

The 5’ body features a hinged, attractive dome profile, and is excellently impact resistant, so daily wear will not harm it. The hinge allows insertion of wires to be extremely easy, so even if you are installing runs with many cords or that are high up, you do no need to juggle a separate profile. The distinguished white body is inherently UV resistant, boasting color retention and resilience against pinking, so even in rooms with bright sunlit, there is no discoloring over time.

The Smooth Mould is ISO compliant and UL 94 rated. Providing electrical insulation and innately combustion resistant, our Smooth Mould Cable Cover is the safest and most attractive option for routing, concealing and protecting your indoor cable runs and drops. The white body can also be painted, allowing for an exact complement to your room.

Video Presentation
Video Transcript

Hello there! Now, we all know that interior cable management is a very vital thing, since never before have our homes and work spaces been so full of appliances. Anything from phone and internet lines to extension cords and entertainment systems should be covered,
not only to hide messy cables, but to protect them as well. However, all too often surface raceways and cord covers are bulky and unattractive themselves, particularly when routing around corners. These covers can be as disruptive to the decor as the cables themselves were, and are not always attractive when painted, or integrated along a baseboard.

 But from Cable Ties and More comes our very own Smooth Mould Cable Cover, which is our solution to rescuing your baseboards and settings from unattractive, difficult to install raceways. What we are most proud of regarding Smooth Mould is the seamless bond that lengths will appear to have, even when routing around corners. And this is thanks to the design of the 5' body, and their accessories. The flat, inside, outside elbows and coupling connector are all made to slide behind the profile, rather than snap overtop, which makes an aesthetic difference that is undeniably  more attractive. The white matte is also ideal to paint over, if you should need to, and there is not going to be any glare to make it stand out.

With inherent UV resistance, there is not going to be any fading with long-term exposure to sunlight rooms, and with the UL 94 tested and ISO conforming body, you have the proper safety needed for cable insulation. The need to route wires through walls or remove baseboards is gone, since as you can see, Smooth Mould will blend in perfectly when placed on an existing baseboard, or flush against the wall above it. Installation is extremely simple, with an adhesive strip running down the length.

Now, thanks to this snapping, hinged lid, there is not going to be any fumbling around with a separate base or profile, when you place your wires inside. Simply open it, and lay your cables within. Snap the lid in place, and you have smooth, seamless cable coverage. An addition to cables, or maintenance, is a simple process as well.

One last point that I want to make about Smooth Mould is the fantastic potential it has for decorative use. While not only being ideal for cable drops on things such as a mounted TV on a wall, or over a fireplace, routing can be strategically placed as well, allowing parallel lengths, in use or not, add symmetry and composition to a setting. Smooth Mould will add discreet distinction anywhere, and with it's seamless routing you are going to hit the perfect balance between cable access and concealment. These lengths can be cut to fit your custom space, and we also carry an outdoor Smooth Mould, resistant to temperature, moisture and impact, so make sure to check out these extremely inexpensive products.

 So thanks so much for watching, if you have any questions or would like to see some more products, check out Cable Ties and or give us a call. Take care!

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