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Rubberform® Rubber Rooftop Pavers

Safe, Durable Solution for Rooftop Walk Areas & Patios

Rubberform® Rubber Rooftop Pavers Features

  • 100% durable recycled rubber and e-waste plastic
  • All-weather easy maintenance: will not warp, chip, crack, crumble, or corrode
  • Easy to install, easy to move by one person
  • Leaves no standing water - inhibiting mold or mosquito nesting
  • Resistant to extreme temperature variations, UV light and moisture
  • Increases safety, designating the proper path around signs, skylights and vents
  • Satisfies legal requirements in some regions where walkway pads must be placed at access doors, roof hatches and near ladders
  • Protects roofting materials from potentially unintended foot traffic
  • Made in America
  • LEED Certified

Rubber Rooftop Pavers are the safe, durable solution for rooftop walk areas and patios. Ideal for high-traffic flat roofs or for periodic servicing of rooftop equipment. Our rubber pavers are made of heavy-duty recycled tire rubber and e-waste (plastic), providing excellent resistance to severe wind/weather, as well as damaging UV rays. Traction is superb, even when wet. Roofers, roof manufacturers, and solar companies recommend our flat rooftop rubber pavers in all areas of high traffic, roof patios, or where servicing rooftop mechanical equipment is required. Rubber Rooftop Pavers are engineered for the roof, not the playground. The rubber roof paver is hard as concrete but at the weight of rubber. The 2” thick paver has .25” round standoffs on the bottom for drainage.

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• 40 lbs

• 24”W x 30”L x 2”H

• Stand-offs on the bottom of each paver for drainage

• Safe for rubber membrane roof applications

• Available colors: black, charcoal grey, terra cotta red

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