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Flameless Heat Gun

Vaporless - For Use Underhood or Closed In Applications

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Flameless Heat Gun Features

  • Cordless Body Designed For Use When High Heat, But No Flame, is Necessary
  • Wide Nozzle & High Output Allows For Vastly Adjustable Heat Levels
  • Safe For Underhood Use Despite Any Present Vapors
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Product Details

This Flameless Heat Gun uses butane to achieve a safe and effective level of heat. Ideal for any tasks where regular heat-guns may be used, this tool goes beyond standard capabilities to be appropriate for use in underhood or close applications, where vapor normally creates danger with such tools. The slim, cordless body gives the user total mobility, along with being easily held and operated. Featuring a wide nozzle and high output, the Flameless Heat Gun has a wide range of possible temperatures, and promotes long-term use of the tool. As well, it includes deflector attachments, permitting easier installs of tubing.

Product Specifications

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Instant-On Piezo Ignition. Rapid heat-up for immediate use. Long life catalyst. High output element for demanding applications. No cords - can be used anywhere. Comfortable ergonomic grip. Up to 120 minutes use on each fill. Deflector circulates heat and protects nearby work. Adjustable heat output.
Length 190 mm (7.5 in)
Weight (w/o fuel) 135 g
Approximate temperature 750°C/1400°F
Gas container capacity 38 ml
Operating capacity (one gas filling) 100 minutes at mid setting

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