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Extendable Magnetic Flashlight


• Extendable and flexible
• Built in light and magnet combo means you can reach and grab from tight dark spaces
• Provides over 100,000 hours of light. Uses 4 LR44 Batteries(included)

Our extendable magnetic flashlights are dependable and durable, produced from aircraft anodized aluminum.  The perfect tool for the job, our flashlights can help retrieve any lost metal item attracted to magnets including nails, screws, bolts, washers, cutlery, some types of coins and keys even in dark spaces with up to 5lbs magnet pickup force.

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PL889 Extendable Dual Magnet LED Flashlight Extendable Dual Magnet LED Flashlight Qty : Color :

Out Of Stock
PL888 Extendable Magnetic LED Flashlight Extendable Magnetic LED Flashlight Qty :

Out Of Stock
PL883 Mini Extendable Single LED Magnetic Flashlight Mini Extendable Single LED Magnetic Flashlight Qty :

Out Of Stock
Video Presentation
Extendable Magnetic LED Flashlight Video
Video Transcript

Extendable Magnetic LED Flashlight


Hey! Now despite all of our different professions and past times, I think something we can generally agree on is how frustrating it is getting left in the dark. Whether your working in darkened nooks and crannies, a dim room or outdoors at night, most flashlights do nothing to give you more dexterity, or make the tasks any easier.

But you can stop carrying those awkward lights or fumbling in the dark, because with our new extendable and magnetic LED flashlights, which come in the three colors of black, silver and blue, flashlights as you know them simply won't be the same. The telescopic tools are ideal anywhere. Now the LED lights themselves will quite literally outshine any previous flashlight you have been depending on, with the mini featuring one ultra bright sunshine LED, and the full size boasting three. Pulling up on the head of the tool will unleash it's extendable length. The head features a strong industrial magnet which has five pounds of lifting power, essentially allowing you the use of a third telescopic limb as you can use it to not only locate items, but easily recover them. But aside from just reaching and grabbing, the full sized magnetic extendable LED flashlight can also be selected with dual magnets, one in the base as well as the head. This allows you to stick it to any metal surface for a hands-free work light or reading light.

So there you have it. This handy all-purpose tool is extremely inexpensive, and lets you do so much. From picking up sharp objects in just a couple of sweeps, plucking items lost in carpet or grass and finding bits, screws and jewelery that has fallen down drains or behind furniture, a flashlight has never been so functional.

So don't wait! Toss your outdated flashlights, and check out for more info on our Extendable Magnetic LED Flashlights, or just give us a call. Thanks for watching!

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