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DREMEL Digilab® PLA 3D Printer Filament

Engineered to Produce a Stable, Strong Object With High Quality Finish

DREMEL Digilab® PLA 3D Printer Filament Features

  • .75 KG spools
  • 1.75mm diameter.
  • Dremel PLA has been designed to work best with the Idea Builder Series Printer, producing a stable, strong object with a high-quality finish.
  • Dremel PLA filament is plant-based and recyclable.
  • Manufactured and tested to provide smooth and consistent building
  • Dremel offers a wide array of dynamic colors to expand your creativity
  • Dremel PLA filament is engineered to produce a stable, strong object with a high-quality finish.
  • Print with default Dremel PLA settings.  No adjustments required for the perfect print.

Made for Dremel Printers

DREMEL PLA filament has been specifically engineered for optimal printing with your Idea Builder.  PLA is a thermal plastic that softens and melts when it's heated, building your design layer by layer. DREMEL PLA Filament: best used to reliably create high detail parts. It is best for cosmetic prints used in low-stress applications. It is perfect for beginners due to the ease of printing. DREMEL PLA Filament is a high-quality PLA designed for reliability and ease of printing. It has a high softening temperature to minimize the risk of nozzle jams while maintaining print quality.

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Product Details

  • 50 small model OR 20 medium models OR 5 large models
  • *Print amounts are approximate and based on moderate fill. Your print amounts may vary based on quality and fill settings for each model.

Product Specifications

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SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE OR MIXTURE AND OF THE SUPPLIER Product Name: PLA 3D Filament Catalog Number: DF70-01, DF51-01, DF50-01, DF07-01, DF06-01, DF05-01, DF04-01, DF03-01, DF02- 01, DF01-01, DF30-01 Date of issue: May 17, 2017 Manufacturer/Distributor: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 1800 W. Central Road Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 For More Information Call: (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM– 5:00 PM CST) Bosch Customer Service (877) 267-2499 In Case Of Emergency Call: (24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week) (877) 303-0891

SECTION 2: HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Adverse Human Health Effects None Environmental Effects None Physical and Chemical Hazards None Special Hazards None

SECTION 3: COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Chemical Nature Modified PLA for 3D printing CAS Number 9051-89-2 Additional Information No harmful substances used.

SECTION 4: FIRST AID MEASURES Inhalation In case of gases evolving from molten resin, bring the affected person to fresh air. Call a physician immediately in case of discomfort. Skin Contact In case of contact with molten material, immediately wash the skin with plenty of cold water. See a physician for the removal of adhering material. Eye Contact If molten material contacts the eye, rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Call a physician immediately. Ingestion Induce vomiting with medical advice. Rinse mouth with water. Seek medical advice if discomfort occurs. SAFETY DATA SHEET Page 2 of 3

SECTION 5: FIREFIGHTING MEASURES Extinguishing Media Water, Foam, Dry chemical powder Fire and Explosion Hazards None Special Fire-Fighting Procedure Minimize dust generation and accumulation Special Protective Equipment Wear self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective clothing

SECTION 6: ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Personal Precautions Wear appropriate personal protective equipment. Environmental Precautions Prevent entry into surface water or drainage systems. Methods for Cleaning up Sweep and shovel into suitable containers for disposal.

SECTION 7: HANDLING AND STORAGE Handling Avoid contact with molten material. Use personal protective equipment. Storage Keep cool. Protect from water, moisture, and direct sunlight. Avoid all sources of ignition.

SECTION 8: EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION Exposure Controls Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at places where dust is formed. Personal Protective Equipment Skin Protection: Wear protective clothing, when handling the hot molten products. Hand Protection: Wear protective gloves, when handling the hot molten products. Eye Protection: Wear protective glasses.

SECTION 9: PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Appearance Monofilament Density 1.25g/cm3 Melting Point 165℃-180℃ Solubility Insoluble in water

SECTION 10: STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Chemical Stability Stable under recommended storage conditions. Reactivity None expected under conditions of normal use.

SECTION 11: TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION Irritation Fumes generated from the decomposing resin may be irritant to eyes. SAFETY DATA SHEET Page 3 of 3

SECTION 12: ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Persistence and degradabilityProduct is biodegradable.

SECTION 13: DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Disposal Methods Dispose of waste and residues in accordance with local authority requirements.



SECTION 16: OTHER INFORMATION Although Robert Bosch Tool Corporation has attempted to provide current and accurate information herein, Robert Bosch Tool Corporation makes no representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information and assumes no liability for any loss, damage, injury of any kind which may result from or arise out of the use of or reliance on the information by any person. It shall be the responsibility of the customer purchasing this product to ensure that all employees/users of this product are familiar with and trained in the handling, use, and hazards associated with this product as contained herein. This responsibility shall also extend directly to the user.

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