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Dotz Cable Organizers

Effectively Manage, Label and Store Cords


• Re-usable straps to bundle your cables, while identifying them easily
• Never mistake one generic black cord for another with many colors to choose from
• Store and transport cables with the Dotz Wraps, no worry of damage to delicate wires

Dotz Cord Straps will manage and contain your tangled bunches of cables easily by simply wrapping and cinching. Easy to re-use, you will simply undo the length of wrap and re-wrap on the next desired item. An easily used, built-in identification tag will aid you in keeping track of what is what. Also available along with our straps are the Dotz Cord Wraps, compact shells to store cable excess while leaving it accessible. Dotz items are convenient, re-usable solutions for cable management.

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The identifying tags on the Dotz Cord Straps are simple to implement and highly useful. Simply pop out an ID number and slid it into the window located on the Dotz. A kit will include eight cord straps and an awesome 36 punch-out labels, letting you label dozens of different bundle contents as you re-use the straps. Knowing what you are unplugging will save you headaches and hassle, so these identifiers are really crucial in those nests of cables. Back to our Dotz Wraps, the compact body is easy to carry and discreet when storing, allowing you to transport or house your frequently used device cables. The soft shell body opens, making insertion easy on both your hands and the cable in question. Open it, wind the cord around, and shut it with an easy snap. A clip and suction cup will be included as accessories, letting you affix the Wrap to various objects in your surroundings for quick access.

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Dotz Cord Wrap

Dotz Cord Wrap contains excess cords. Just open the shell, wind up the cord, and shut it!

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Dotz Cord Straps, Multi-color

Just wrap around and cinch up! Kit includes eight cord straps and 36 punch-out labels.

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Dotz Cord Identifiers, Computer Office

There's nothing more annoying than accidentally unplugging the wrong device! These many colors will make the task easier.

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Dotz Cable Organizers
CDCW0853B Dotz Cord Wrap, Black Dotz Cord Wrap, Black Qty :

CDCW0854R Dotz Cord Wrap, Red Dotz Cord Wrap, Red Qty :

CDCW0852W Dotz Cord Wrap, White Dotz Cord Wrap, White Qty :

CDCS750AN Dotz  Cord Straps , Multi-color pack Dotz Cord Straps , Multi-color pack Qty :

CDC1650CO Dotz Identifiers, Computer Office Dotz Identifiers, Computer Office Qty :

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Dotz Cord Wrap

Who needs six feet of extra cable flopping around? Use a Dotz Cord Wrap to contain all the excess cordage. Just open the shell, wind up the cord, and shut it! You can also use the included clip or suction cup accessories to affix the Cord Wrap to a stationary object.

Dotz Cord Straps, Multi-color

The Cord Straps from Dotz help you contain unruly bundles of cables. Just wrap around and cinch up! You can always undo the wrap and use it elsewhere. A built-in cable-identifying tag can help you keep track of which bundles are which! Just pop out one of the ID numbers and slip it into the window. Kit includes eight cord straps and 36 punch-out labels.

Dotz Cord Identifiers, Computer Office

Can't tell which AC adapter belongs to which device? There's nothing more annoying than accidentally unplugging the wrong generic black cable. Use Dotz Cord Identifiers to label the plug-end of all your cords. Knowing which cable you're unplugging can save you a major headache! Kit includes 10 reusable cable Dotz and 36 punch-out labels, including 24 with illustrations of common computer-related devices

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