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Cable Tray Ceiling Suspension System

The Alternative To Threaded Rods Or Chain Suspension Systems

Cable Tray Ceiling Suspension System Features


  • No clamps or threaded rods required 
  • Quick installation and removal allows for versatile use, reuse, and maintenance 
  • Improved center of gravity and stability using the double-ended hanger system 
  • Trapeze fasteners ideal for tiered installations 
  • Weight Range: 99.21 lbs to 198.42 lbs 
  • Unlike current rod systems, can easily be secured to overhead beams 
  •  Available Y Fitting Double Toggles allow for better stability and different mounted options 

The Cable Tray Ceiling Hanger is a natural replacement for threaded rod or chain systems and is used in environments such as: industrial buildings, distribution centers, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and retail stores. It can be found on some of the most complex projects around the world. With this cable tray support system, there is no need to drill holes in the ceiling for threaded rods or view ugly chain systems hanging from the rafters.

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Cable Trays Sold Separately

Product Details

  • Attach cable trays to purlins, beams or roof trusses via loop-end fixings, without using threaded rods and beam clamps
  • Snap hooks onto each end in half the time to quickly remove, replace, or redesign cable tray
  • Double-ended hanger system improves the center of gravity for increased stability

Made of steel wire rope and snap hook ends to give you a neat, clean look.

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