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CableDrop Multi-Cable Organizer

Keep Multiple Wires Organized On Your Desktop.

CableDrop Multi-Cable Organizer Features

  • The two outer channels have a looser grip for cables that you take in and out frequently.
  • The two inner channels have a tighter grip for cables you rarely remove to stay put.
  • Compatible with all charging and peripheral cables up to 6 mm.
  • Comes in colors Black, White, or Bright
  • Material is TPU with Adhesive
  • Use anywhere you have multiple cables that need anchoring. CableDrop Multi is intended to organize cables and hold cables in place
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Product Details

CableDrop Multi is a little command center that keeps up to 4 charging cables anchored and prevents cords from slipping away, behind desks, under nightstands and off of flat surfaces. CableDrop Multi is an adhesive cable director that keeps cables managed, organized and neatly stowed so they’re ready when you need them.

Product Specifications

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2.58 l x 0.80 w x 0.42 h”

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