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Roundit® 2000 NX Nomex

Durable and Secure Nomex Sleeve


• Stitched combination of PPS ( Polyphenylene Sulfide) with Nomex
• Working Temperature ranges from -60ºC to +200ºC
• Ranked to 200º C
• FAR Part 25
• Free of toxic halogens
• Self-coiling construction
• Simple to install, as well as remove
• Perfect for when modules need re-work without the need to disconnect anything
• Durable textile material
• Crafted ideally to support rail as well as air transportation uses

The Roundit 2000NX wrap-around sleeving is going to be the ideal correspondence between both our Expandable Braided Sleeving and Split Wire Loom a.k.a. Corrugated Tubing. There is a division running down the length of the middle, allowing simple insertion and installation of wires and clusters of cables to take place. It is a highly durable and compact over sleeve, crafted to bundle, secure and defend cable assemblies, hoses, tubing and wire harnesses against wear, slicing, and abrasion.

ROUNDIT 2000 NX is a knotted blend of Nomex and PPS (polyphenylene sulfide). The Nomex/PPS mix within its flat knit body will provide the ROUNDIT 2000 NX a durable though sleek feel and appearance for extreme climate bundling and wear combativeness. This item is ranked to 200°C (392°F) and is free of toxic halogens. ROUNDIT 2000 NX will be perfect aircraft uses, both commercial and defense, thanks to the excellent wear defense. ROUNDIT items are durable, compact oversleeves created to cluster and secure cable assemblies, tubes and hoses as well as wire harnesses against wear, slicing and abrasion. The self-coiling characteristics of ROUNDIT items allows for speedy and simple installation, as well as any removal that may take place for maintenance. This item can also be installed and removed without removing or damaging any connectors or fittings.

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ROUNDIT products are tough, lightweight oversleeves used to bundle and protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from chafing, cutting and abrading. The self-wrapping feature of ROUNDIT products allows for quick and easy application and removal of the product for assembly and maintenance. The product may also be applied or removed without disturbing connectors or fittings. Roundit 2000 is a woven blend of polyester mono-filaments and multi-filaments. This blend in a flat weave construction gives Roundit 2000 a rugged yet smooth texture and appearance. This product is rated to 125°C. Roundit 2000 has many applications in the aeronautical, marine, electronic, furniture accessory and general manufacturing industries.

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