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Our Cable Ties come in 14 different Colours & many different materials Including nylon, Stainless Steel, Tefzel, Velcro, Halar & More
Cable Ties

Floor Cord Covers & Cable Protectors eliminate all possible tripping or slipping hazards associated with running wires along the floor or ground. Light, Medium , Or Heavy Duty Choices Available.
Floor Cord & Cable Covers

Our High Quality Wiring Looms protect cables from Abrasion, Chemicals & Common Auto Fluids, & puncturing. Wire Loom also comes in Flame retardant and high temp Nylon options.
Wire Loom

Braided Cable Sleeving Or Braided loom is the ideal product when protecting wires from abrasion, High temperature, chemicals, and vibration. Dozens of materials and types available.
Braided Sleeving

Wiring Duct Or Cable Troughs allow for easy running, pulling, separation, & organization of multiple cables along a continuous wire run.
Wiring Duct

Heat Shrink Tubing is commonly used for electrical; Insulation, cable identification, sealing, & termination just to mention a few of its unlimited applications. Available in Numerous Colours & Sizes.
Heat Shrink Tubing

Power & Data Desk Outlets are convenient hubs that can be built in or sit on your desk providing you with USB, Ethernet and Power with out the mess. Ugly cables running along your desk ruining your day? desk grommets are the product for you.
Desk Outlets & Grommets

Cable Trays are the Ideal solution for applications that require running of multiple bundles of data or power cables overhead in a organized fashion. Basket, solid & snake trays available.
Cable Trays

Wall Cable Raceways are the most aesthetically pleasing product for protecting, organizing, & covering cables along the wall or ceiling of your home or office.
Wall Cable Raceways

VELCRO Hook & Loop Wraps & Coins are commonly used to suspend or hold items or bundles in place, while also being reusable and adjustable. Available In Multiple Colours and Materials.
VELCRO Wraps & Coins

Messy Cables? try one of our many cable organizers. Whether, its for around your desk, network, server racks, or cable bundling.
Cable Organizers

Spiral wraps are commonly used to route and keep bundles of free hanging cables organized, while also protecting the wires from abrasive damage. Flame retardant, anti static, heavy duty & coloured wraps available.
Spiral Wrap

Our tapes & adhesives are suited for numerous applications. Whether its gaffer tape for anti-slip protection, cable path for cost effective cable routing, or standard coloured electrical tapes for any application.
Tapes & Adhesive

Water proof IP68 nylon cable glands are the ultimate electrical strain relief product. We offer NPT, PG & right angle cable glands.
Nylon Cable Glands

Never Unplug the wrong cable again! check out our many different label printers, labelling sheets, wire markers, ID Cable tags, & more.
Labelling & ID Cable Tags

Tired? Standing? Don't be ! treat your feet with an anti - fatigue mat. Potential slipping hazard from liquids on the floor? check out our Tread Safe Mats.
Commercial Floor Mats
What is the purpose of Cable Management?
Cable management is extremely important in creating an aesthetically pleasing and clean environment, whether the setting is professional, industrial, or in your home. Coordinating and managing wires helps to maintain basic functionality, while also protecting equipment from blocked airflow due to messy, unorganized cables. Tangled wires and cables oftentimes can be stressful and time-consuming to untangle and keep straight. Luckily, CableTiesAndMore offers easy and affordable solutions to help with your cable management needs.
Wire Loom
Wire Loom (also known as Convoluted Tubing) is an easily solution for both protecting and organizing wires and cables. The product is installed overtop bundles of cables and helps to protect from chewing pets and other abrasions. The slit down the side of the wire loom makes it easy to slip in any additional cables, without having to remove the wire bundles that are already inside.
Braided Sleeving
Braided sleeving is extremely durable and easily slips on top of cables and hoses. There are a vast array of options to choose from, which range in material depending on the situation that you will need them for. For example, braided sleeving material varies from abrasion resistant to flame retardant, and much more. This product can also be used in many applications, from industrial to automotive.
Neat-Patch Storage Manager
The Neat-Patch Storage Manager is an excellent solution for organizing and guarding all of the cables in your servers, switches and panels, while covering them and making them look professional and attractive. The patented unique plastic moulded body is designed for quick access, and is an ideal time saver as it will allow you to trace your circuits in seconds!
SafCord Cord Cover
Although CableTiesAndMore offers many floor cord cover solutions, this product specifically addresses the issue of covering cables that are running across looped, carpeted surfaces. The SafCord Cord Cover helps to eliminate tripping hazards, and is a simple press on and lift off. The product will not be damaged by vacuums or moving feet, but is easily removed by simply blifting offb the SafCord. Not to mention, this product is non-adhesive so you do not have to worry about leaving sticky tape residue on carpets, or on cords and cables.
Cable Raceway
Cable Raceway is a discreet solution to ensure that cords are organized and safely routed. This product is perfect for all settings that are using cable technology, whether it be professional, industrial, or domestic. Cable Raceway is also a great solution for those who cannot drill into walls and ceilings, such as in condos or apartments.
Cable Ties
Last but not least, Cable Ties are a classic and indispensable product in the world of cable management. Cable Ties are the starting point to organizing any cable mess, and are available in many different options. Velcro Cable Ties are also available which further enables easy cable bundling.
Overall, cable management is crucial for maintaining organization, functionality, and a professional and attractive environment. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-284-7760 or check out our website to find a solution for your cable management needs!


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