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Braided Cable Sleeving - Heat Shrink / Hot Knife Tools at Canadian Prices All Prices Listed in Canadian Dollars Braided Cable Sleeving - Heat Shrink / Hot Knife Tools at Canadian Prices

Braided Sleeving

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Heat Shrink / Hot Knife Tools
Terminate sleeving neatly and effectively

Cable Ties And More offers a wide range of braided sleeving products for a variety of industries from biomedical and aerospace to wire, hose and cable bundling protection solutions for high performance automotive enthusiasts as well as our wide selection of general purpose and high-tech specialty products.


Heat Shrink / Hot Knife

Hand Held Hot Knife Electric Rope Cutter III Hand Held Hot Knife Hot Knife (Heavy Duty Components) 2:1 Fabric Heatshrink Tubing
Thermocutter Hot Knives Electric Rope Cutter III Hand Held Hot Knife Hot Knife 2:1 Fabric Heatshrink Tubing
Electric Rope Cutter III   Electric Rope Cutter III
For permanent professional results our Electric Rope Cutter III will handle all of your rope and sleeving cutting needs.

Hand Held Hot Knife   Thermocutter Hot Knives
Professional Braided Sleeving Tools
For fast professional results in your hand, use thermocutters to cut braided sleeving and thermoplastic/rubber materials.

Hand Held Hot Knife
Hot Knife (Heavy Duty Components)
  Hand Held Hot Knife / Hot Knife
Heavy Duty Components

For long lasting and professional results, braided sleeving should be cut with a hot knife or similar instrument to prevent fraying during installation and use.

Price starts at: $60.19
2:1 Fabric Heatshrink Tubing   2:1 Fabric Heatshrink Tubing
Size 1/2" 3/4" 1-3/16" 1-1/2"

Shrinks to 1/2 it´s original diameter. Fabric heatshrink tubing, a unique mixture of Polyolefin and Polyester yarns, is the ideal way to form the only shrinkable fabric of its kind. The woven construction makes this product extremely flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat and humidity. Provides outstanding abrasion, chaffing and cutting protection, even at high temperature.

Price starts at: $67.37 per spool

Braided Cable Sleeving - Heat Shrink / Hot Knife Tools

If you are looking for the best quality products for wire management and insulation, then rest assured that Cable Ties and More has it in stock. You will see that we have one of the most extensive ranges of insulation products, expandable braided sleeving, cable ties, electrical tools, and accessories on the market, suitable for a wide spectrum of industries, from electrical design and construction companies, to manufacturers of electrical products and building industries. Expandable braided sleeving is manufactured from Polyethylene Terepthalate, or PET, which has great properties of flexibility and strength, plus a good resistance against chemicals, and when used on wire runs, it adds protection and extra insulation.

Our quality range of expandable braided sleeving products can be ordered in a variety of different lengths and colors, plus there is a selection of flame retardant expandable braided sleeving we have in stock that is useful for many different applications from automotive industries to machines that operate under high temperatures. Expandable braided sleeving can expand to almost double its size when you are using it, and when installed simply needs to be constricted and the ends fastened through your proffered means. Use cable ties for the ends or adhesive tape, also available from us. If you order expandable braided sleeving that is flame retardant, then you will see that the filaments are criss-crossed which identify it, and this product is available in black and white only.

Expandable braided sleeving is already very widely used in thousands of applications like electrical panels, electronic wiring installations, communication networks, and machinery to name just a few examples. This inexpensive way of neatening up wiring is also pretty cost-effective and the standard expandable braided sleeving in different colors makes it useful for color coding installations as well. We have available a top quality range of expandable braided sleeving, or fire retardant braided sleeving as you prefer, and by clicking on the category for braided sleeving, you can read all the details and specifications in the summary provided. Take some time to browse through all of our electrical products and look forward to great value in pricing and top level customer services to help you when you need it. Now you have the convenience of the Internet to find everything you need in electrical wiring management and complementing products online.

Choose superior quality expandable braided sleeving in any quantities you require including bulk wholesale orders by arrangement with us. All of our products are available for fast shipping after secure online payment options. Cable Ties and More can supply this expandable braided sleeving to clients either in bulk, or per cut lengths as per your order. Our technical sales team is a professional in the supply of all products and is ready to assist you if you have any queries. You may be interested in the selection of innovative insulation tubing, cable organizers, ties and hooks and cable ties in a variety of different sizes. We already supply the military, marine industries, electrical appliance manufacturers, and building companies with the right electrical products and accessories at the right prices.


We Accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and PayPal

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Braided Cable Sleeving - Heat Shrink / Hot Knife Tools at Canadian Prices All Prices Listed in Canadian Dollars Braided Cable Sleeving - Heat Shrink / Hot Knife Tools at Canadian Prices

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Braided Cable Sleeving - Heat Shrink / Hot Knife Tools