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Bentley-Harris Expando® PT Plus

Expandable Polyester Sleeving, Impervious to Fraying


• Ideal slice and erosion protection
• Works in environments ranging between -103° F to 257° F (-75° C to 125° C)
• Durable, compact oversleeves guard cable assemblies, tubing and hoses as well as wire harnesses from wear
• Open-stitch body on our Expando items allow all sizes to broaden, accommodating various applications
• Open-stitch form will also render them superbly pliable as well as immune against trapping liquid, high temperatures as humidity
• UL acknowledged component
• Various uses range from the aeronautical, marine, electronic as well as standard production industries
• Every one of our Bentley Harris products are RoHS certified and prove to have an indefinite shelf life. ISO 14001 & TS16949 accepted
• Graded to 125ºC
• Pliability in temperature as low as -75ºC
• CSA File #LR52852
• Eradicates any need for hot-knife use
• Releases all humidity and heat rather than storing
• Will not rot or mold
• Self-forming to accommodate various shapes and sizes
• Self-extinguishing when used to encase typical non-flammable wires or cables
• Inexpensive defense
• Impervious to fraying
Bentley-Harris Expando items are resilient, compact and light-weight oversleeves utilized to guard and secure wire assemblies, hoses, tubes and cable harnesses against erosion, clipping and wear. With its open-stitch form, Expando items allow every differently sized unit to broaden, ensuring that it will accommodate various uses and applications. That same open-stitch module enables them to be extremely flexible, while resisting trapping liquid, humidity, and higher temperatures. As well, the patented Bentley-Harris Plus treatment will make the end termination far more simple and neat. The Plus treatment constructs a tight knit in between each of the filaments on the sleeving, which will significantly reduce fray that may otherwise occur near the end of the piece in installation, as well as guarding the product throughout its use. Thanks to these fray-resistant characteristics in the Expando� PT Plus, you will be able to snip the piece using ordinary scissors, which will ultimately not only speed of the time you spend in assembly, but also means there is no need for ventilation equipment that are otherwise necessary during hot-knife cutting.
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Expando PT Plus is regarded as a good solid braided polyester (PET) sleeving created for applications to a maximum of 125 C. A standard function industrial/commercial product, Expando PT Plus evens out the attributes with technical together with thermal consistency with economy. This patented Bentley-Harris Plus treatment tends to make end termination neater and quite a bit easier. The Plus treatment makes a webbing in between your filaments of your sleeving to relieve end fray throughout installment as well as throughout the lifetime of this product. As a result of fray-resistant components from Expando PT Plus, it will be sliced with the help of regular scissors, which in turn decreases installation energy and also eradicates the requirement of suitable air flow hardware essential for hot-knife slicing. Expando PT Plus protective oversleeve features numerous purposes within the aeronautical, marine, electronic as well as basic development industries. The capability of Expando PT Plus to be able to preserve mobility within lower temperatures causes it to be great for revealed functions within weather stations, navigation beacons, radar antennas, flying as well as space systems.
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PropertyTest MethodValue
Filament Diameter .010"
Melt Temperature ASTM D-2117 250�C
Low Temperature MIL-DTL-23053E -75�C
Smoke Density ASTM E-1354 Dmc = 2.05
Copper Corrosivity MIL-I-23053 No Effect

Expando� PT Plus is a braided polyester (PET) sleeving designed for applications up to 125� C. A general purpose industrial/commercial product, Expando PT Plus balances the properties of mechanical and thermal stability with economy.

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