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Heavy Duty Cable Ties

Heavy Duty Cable Ties

are useful cable management products commonly used in bundling, strapping and hanging of cables and countless other applications.

Heavy Duty zip ties

begin at 120 Lbs tensile strength and range up to 485 Lbs breaking strength. Heavy duty cable ties are made of extra dense black or natural nylon 6-6 and stainless steel.

Heavy duty stainless steel cable ties

are ideal for outdoor applications due to there durable weather resistance.

Heavy Duty black zip ties

are UV rated and can hold up under the sun's rays. Heavy Duty cable ties are available from 8" in length up to 60". Give our heavy duty tie wraps a try and you will not be disappointed you can't beat our quality and price combination.

Heavy duty cable ties are commonly used for bundling and suspending heavy weight. They are carefully manufactured using extra strong, durable materials in order to withstand the weight of heavier-than-average cords. Our heavy duty zip ties can endure between 175 lb. and 250 lb. of cables, proving to be an excellent choice when the need for cable organization arises. Their simple structure allows for an easy-to-use application as well as industrial-strength reliability.

What types of heavy duty cable ties are there?

We offer three types of heavy duty cable ties: natural zip ties, UV black zip ties and stainless steel cable ties. Our natural line of cable ties deliver unstretchable and non-slidable structure, providing extreme durability. Their nylon material is both economical and effective, and is UL certified.

Our UV black zip ties also offer fantastic strength and quality material for an economical price. The main difference these HD zip ties hold against our natural line is the ultraviolet light protection, making these strong zip ties effective for outdoor use.

Our stainless steel HD cable ties provide even sturdier material for ultimate density and strength. Flame-retardant and non-toxic, they provide the best option when dealing with extreme temperatures and harsh environments. They are also easy to install and require no extra tools for set-up.

We carry both regular heavy duty cable ties and extra heavy duty cable ties. Our regular cable ties provide tensile strength of up to 175 lb. Our extra strength cable ties can withstand up to 250 lb. Depending on how heavy your cables and/or accessories are, we carry a variety of quality options to suit your needs.

Why should I use cable ties over velcro or electrical tape?

Heavy duty cable ties, in comparison to velcro or electrical tape, are much lighter and more secure in bundling their components. They provide all the intense strength needed without the bulk and remain easy to install and fasten. Even our extra heavy duty zip ties are lightweight, all without compromising their durability.

Are there other uses for cable ties that can make them more useful for me?

Of course! Our strong cable ties, while manufactured for the purpose of organizing cables, can be used as a solution to many everyday problems.

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