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Network Products

Network Cables Patch Cords Network Tools Network Patch Panels
  • Cat 5E and Cat 6
  • PVC and Plenum
  • 1000 Feet
  • up to 600 Mhz
  • Cat 5E and Cat 6
  • 1 to 100 Feet
  • 8 Colors
  • up to 550 Mhz
  • Crimping Tool
  • Punch Down Tool
  • Easy Stripper
  • Network Tester
  • 12, 24 and 48 Ports
  • 12 Ports Mini
  • Cat 5E and Cat 6
  • TIA/EIA 568A & 568B

NEAT PATCH Zero-U Spacemaker
Horizontal Cable Manager
Network RJ45 Jacks Network RJ45 Plugs
Neat Patch Zero-U-Spacemaker Horizontal Cable Manager Network Cable Management
  • Cat 5E Jacks U-Style
  • Cat 6 Jacks U-Style
  • Cat 5E/6 Plugs
  • Easier cable storage manager
  • 4 cable entry knock-out holes
  • One piece plastic molded design
  • Bend radius compliance
  • 500 cubic inches of storage space
  • Saves up to 80% install labor time
  • Requires no rack space - Zero-U!
  • For new installs or retrofits
  • Minimum bend radius maintained with VELCROĀ®brand fasteners
  • 5-Ring Low-Profile
    Cable Mgmt Panel
  • Hinged Wall Mount Brackets
  • Support Brackets

Network Junction Boxes Wiring Duct Network Wallplates Altinex Tilt N Plug
  • Single Gang Wall Plate Junction Box
  • Mud-Ring Drywall Brackets
  • Single and Dual Gang
  • Open Slot Wiring Duct
  • Narrow Slot Wiring Duct
  • Closed Slot Wiring Duct
  • Solid Wall Wiring Duct
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Ports
  • fits U and H style jacks
  • 2.3/4(W) x 4.1/2(H)
  • 3 Colors
  • Mounts Into Tabletop
  • Integrated Solution
  • Easy Access To Hidden Connections
  • Multi-Media and AC Power Connectors
  • UL Listed

Velcro Qwik Ties power-tap Work-Bench Kendall-Howard-Linier-Line
  • Qwik Tie Tape With New Dispenser
  • Qwik Ties Tape
  • One Wrap Strap
  • Flame Retardant Wire Wrap
  • Qwik Ties Strap
  • 3x Power Outlets 15A
  • 2x Cat 5 Ethernet
  • Flipable / discreet
  • Ideal for office tables
  • 24" Computer Work Bench
  • Patent pending open frame design
  • Completely modular
  • Universal preset accessory mounting holes
  • 2 Sets of adjustable mounting rails
  • Removable/lockable side panels
  • Cage nut style mounting rails
  • 90 Degree swing out from the wall
  • Maximum Weight Capacity 150 Pounds

Network Cables

Network Cables are ideal for network, voice, and multimedia applications. It provides a practical and economical solution for setting up Cat5E/Cat6 Ethernet connections. These types of cables contain four unshielded twisted pair cables and 24 AWG solid bare copper conductors. It is made of a high-density polyethylene-insulated cable that is EIA/TIA compliant, UL listed, and ETL verified. It is suitable to use in internet-WiFi setup, RJ45 termination, and other network installations. For measuring convenience, the cable is foot marked and housed in an EZ pull box. Performance wise, Cat6 is highly recommended because it adapts to the latest technological advancement. Cat6 can hold up to 10 GB connection while Cat5E can only handle lower bit connections. These cables are available in PVC or Plenum, with frequency options of 350 MHz or 600 MHz, and in colors Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Red, White, Yellow, and Purple.

Patch Cords Cat5E or Cat6

When installation time is the most concern, Patch Cord Cat5E or Cat6 is the most practical alternative to be used. Setting up a wired computer network is fast and easy because this type of cable is already wired in a 50 Micron Gold RJ45 in each end. This cord is also molded with Boots and Bubble on each end with the RJ45s. The Patch Cord Cat5E has a frequency of 350 MHz while the Patch Cord6 has a higher frequency of 550 MHz. Both Cat5E and Cat6 cable models have a mold-injected CM type PVC jacket that does not snag or tear. They also have unshielded twisted pair, 24 AWG 4 pair Stranded Copper, and wired TIA/EIA 568A T568B. Although both Cat5E and Cat6 are made of same materials, Cat6 is more highly recommended because it can hold up to 10 GB connection and adapts well with latest technology. This product is UL listed and ETL verified and comes in Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Red, White, or Yellow.

Network Tools

There are different network tools that are needed for setting up Ethernet connections in home or office such as crimping tool, punch down tool, easy stripper, and network tester. Crimping tool is made of durable Steel frame with black oxide finish that is light weight, has an additional locker for storage after use, and is excellent for crimping modular plug 8P8C/RJ-45 connectors. Punch down tool has a comfortable handle, designed for nonimpact style punch and excellent for terminating 66 and 110 type block terminals. Easy stripper has a very good quality and is intended for use in 110/88 type insertion and for stripping UTP & STP telcom wire. Network cable tester is designed to test the following cable connectors: RJ45, RJ11, RJ12, and BNC. In order to have a smooth flowing network installation, it is recommended to use all the tools mentioned. All these tools are practical, easy to use, with good quality, and very affordable.

Patch Panels

Because it meets the transmission requirements, Patch Panels are perfect for handling Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables. It is consisted of rolled edge 16 gauge steel with flush mount jacks that eliminates cable snagging. The jack adapter is made from 50 micro inches of gold plated brass while the termination contacts are steel plated with nickel. Both Patch Panel Cat 5E and Cat 6 have available port sizes of 12, 24, and 48. There is also a 12-port mini patch panel that is reduced almost half the size of a standard size 12-port patch panel. This product is compatible with the standard 110 termination procedures and practices. Also meets TIA/EIA 568A & 568B standards, ETL verified and UL listed. These user-friendly patch panels are a very practical and economical way to establish multiple connections. Ideal to use in home, offices, and other establishments that requires multiple network or telephone cable connections.

RJ45 Jacks

These user-friendly RJ45 Keystone Jacks are ideal for home, office, and other applications requiring network or telephone connections. They are designed to balance signal transmission of insertion loss and crosstalk. Keystone jacks can be combined with wallplates, surface boxes, standard keystone, and angled multimedia wallplate or patch panel. It includes 110-type IDC termination with strain relief caps, and with the standard 50Āµ inch gold plating on jack contacts. These jacks are compliant with TIA/EIA 568 A&B industry standards. The housing and PCB board are flame retardant (UL 94 V-0) while the termination terminals are made of Nylon. For the contact materials, the IDC 110 contacts are made of Phosphorus Brass-Plated with Nickel while the nose contacts are brass plated with a minimum of 50 micro-inch Gold Plating. Available in nine colors: Almond, Black, Blue, Green, Ivory, Orange, Red, White and Yellow.

RJ45 Modular Plugs

When the application needs a customized length for network cables, RJ45 Modular Plugs can be the perfect solution. When the user determines the length of network cables, these plugs can then be terminated at both ends. These plugs are made from high-impact clear polycarbonate to withstand abrasion and tear. Users need not to worry about error in data transfers because they are designed for data applications and perform very effectively and efficiently. This product conforms to FCC Part 68 requirements and is compatible with round solid or stranded cable. Its position or conductor is 8 x 8 with an RJ45 plug type. It has a 50Āµ gold-plated contacts that are in good quality. Available in Cat 5E RJ45 shielded plugs or Cat 6 RJ45 unshielded plugs and has packs of 15, 50, and 500. These RJ45 Modular Plugs are very durable, economical, user friendly, and highly recommended for customized network cable installations.

Neat-Patch Cable Storage Manager

This Neat-Patch Cable Storage Manager is ideal for applications requiring numerous network or electrical cables used by different workstations or sites. It is designed to hold and store large amount of cables into an organized and neat compartment. Cable management is made easy through this innovative cable manager that gives the user 500 cubic inches of storage with a bend radius compliant single coil circuits. This cable storage manager is easy to install, allows easy access to cables, and saves time in identifying which cable is needed. Its one piece plastic mold design is patented and has a 4 cable entry knock-out holes with grommets for superb cable management. This product has increased ventilation protecting electronics against heat related problems. With this breakthrough, users will no longer have problems in bundling cables neatly and at the same time having rear access to vertical cable management.

Cable Management

Network Cable Management offers practical and economical accessories for different network cable applications. There are different types of accessories for cable management such as One-Unit 5-Ring Cable Management Panel, Two-Unit 5-Ring Cable Management Panel, One-Unit Hinged Wall Mount Bracket, Two-Unit Hinged Wall Mount Bracket, and Bracket Support for Patch Panels. One-Unit 5-Ring Cable Management Panel can be used for 12 ,16, & 24 Port Patch Panels while Two-Unit 5-Ring Cable Management Panel can be used for 48 Port Patch Panels. One-Unit Hinged Wall Mount Bracket can be used for 12 or 24 port patch panels while the Two-Unit Hinged Wall Mount Bracket can be used for 48 port patch panels and both of them comes in Black. And lastly, Bracket Support for Patch Panels can be used in 12, 16, 24, and 48 port patch panels. All products mentioned are very essential for network cable management installations.

Junction Boxes

It has been a common practice to cover electrical wiring endpoints with junction boxes after every installation. These junction boxes do not only conceal the wiring but also lessen the damage caused by short circuit overload and sparks. Perfect for use in home and offices and has a low profile that can be concealed under paintings and other furniture without any hassle. There are three different types of boxes namely Single Gang Wall Plate Junction Box, Single Gang Mud-Ring Drywall Bracket, and Dual Gang Mud-Ring Drywall Bracket. All these types of boxes are easy to install with only a drywall saw and screwdriver, has locking screws, and can eliminate the need for lower voltage boxes. They are all made in a durable Metal that can last for years. The Single Gang Mud-Ring Drywall Brackets are available in White and Ivory while both Single and Dual Mud-Ring Drywall Bracket comes only in Silver.

Wiring Duct

If youā€™re looking for a product that can help arrange bundles of cables while leaving a professional look, Wiring Duct might be the solution. It is intended for use in control panels, cabinets, home theater, office applications, etc. The two types of wiring ducts are Standard and Noryl. Both have the following variety: open slot, narrow slot, closed slot, and solid wall. Open slot has wide fingers allowing cable to be inserted in between. Narrow slot have the same design as open slot but are for smaller types of cables. Closed Slot has cable slots on the side and it does not have separate fingers. Solid Wall has no holes or fingers on the side. The difference of Noryl from Standard is its limited fire hazard based from tests made by UL94VO and CSA material standards. They are made from a standard PVC or Noryl material which comes in the colors Gray, White, or Black and all of them have lid covers for easy access to cables and wires

Wall Plates

When concealing untidy network wires and providing connection to the network, Wall Plate is an excellent solution for these applications. These plates still maintains the aesthetics of a room because of its low profile. Users will not worry the installation because it is very user-friendly. There are five available port sizes for the customerā€™s convenience and they are 1-Port, 2-Port, 3-Port, 4-Port, 5-Port Wall Plates. All this types of plates can work with category 3, 5, 5E, and 6 Keystone Jacks and other standard inserts. These Wall Plates include screws in the package and has size is 2 3/4" x 4 1/2ā€. These very durable and economical plates are UL listed and available in colors Almond, Ivory, and White. This product is very practical, affordable and has a high quality and will last for years. It is perfect for use in home, offices, computer-related businesses and other networking applications.

Altinex Tilt ā€²N Plugs

Many problems are encountered during an audiovisual presentation. Problems like lack of electrical sockets, the sockets are too far, damages in wires because of over stretching or weight pressure, and tripping hazards are very common during presentations. Tilt ā€˜N Plug is the perfect solution for many problems encountered in the audiovisual presentations and viewing. This product can be mounted on table tops, provides easy access to hidden wires & cables, and has the ability to conceal itself under a table when not in use. This product opens and closes easily by pressing on top panel with an average height of 5.5 inches. It comes with a Multi-media, Network, and AC-Power connectors. Product package includes mounting screws, brackets, cable clamps/screws. They come in black and is available in different quantities and sizes and can be custom configured to suit the customerā€™s specifications.


For immediate cable management needs, Velcro ties are excellent for this purpose. It can be used for controlling loose cables, bundling wires, and keeping cables in place. There are different types of Velcro ties that can suite various applications, they are: Qwik Ties Tape, Qwik Tie Tape with New Dispenser, One Strap Wrap, VelCoins, Qwik Ties Strap, and Flame Retardant Wire Wrap. Qwik Ties Tape is ideal for cable control in homes, offices, theater, garage, etc. Qwik Tie Tape w/ Dispenser has a core that is designed to stick on ladders, side cabinets, etc. for easier dispensing. One Wrap Strap is easy to use because of its self gripping fasteners. VelCoins are designed to be used in bath panels and notice boards because it serves as an alternative to screws, nails, and glue. Qwik Ties Strap has self-gripping fasteners that controls bundles of cables. Lastly, Flame Retardant Wire Wrap is used above a hung ceiling or below a raised floor.

Power Tap Grommet

When there is a need for quick access to secure internet connection alongside a power source, the Power Tap Grommet is the best alternative. Besides its accessibility, it is stylish and can blend with any type of working environment. This Power Tap has a 180 degree rotation with a power center that is ready to use. Operating this product is very easy, just slide the latch to reveal a multi-port power center and when done, slide the latch as it rotates out of sight. It has a sleek black cover that hides the power center leaving an elegant look on table tops and desks. This product provides a better access to power source without crawling under the desk or table. It has 3 ground Power Outlets (15A/ 125V/ 60Hz/ 1875 Housing), 2 Cat 5 Ethernet Connections, 8-feet power cord, and 4 3/8-inch Outer Grommet Ring. Power Tap has a fire retardant ABS Housing and it is UL/CUL listed. Available in Black and includes an assembly Manual.

Computer Work Bench

Setting up a computer workstation can be a great challenge for some but this 24ā€ LAN Station/ Work Benches makes this easier. Work Bench allows the user to design whichever layout suits best for the workstation. The bench frame is made from superior quality tube steel weld and has a patented open frame design. This product is easy to transport to other facilities because of its knock-down design. Assembly time for this Work Bench is less than 20 minutes because the directions are very easy to understand. It has fully adjustable upper shelving with different increments and 7 layer laminate coating on the main surface that protects against possible damage. Shipping is ensured to be free of damage because it is in a fully enclosed crate. Comes in universal preset accessory mounting holes that can fit other computer setup accessories such as Accessory Bar, Caster Kit, Keyboard Tray, Utility Drawer, and LCD Monitor Mount.

Wall Mount Cabinet

This Wall Mount Cabinet is perfect for regular backdoor access in rackmount equipment. It has a unique mounting system that permits ease of installation. Cabinet swings out up to 90 degrees from the wall and also has a removable and lockable side panels that allows easy cabling. This product has different variations according to height which are the following: 15 inches, 18 inches, 25 inches, 30.25 inches, 35.75 inches, and 42.75 inches. All types of mount cabinets have a depth of 27 inches, maximum mounting of 21.5 inches, width of 23.5 inches, and a 19-inch rail width that is EIA Compliant. It comes with a glass front door with a built in lock, has a cage nut style mounting rails, and top and bottom removable cable slots. The complete set of this Wall Mount Cabinet includes 2 sets of adjustable rails, 4 keys, and 4 cable slots (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom for easier CAT5 and Fiber installations).

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